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Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Bokauszyn, Borkowski s.c

Our Office has been established with the idea of providing complex support to both individual and corporate Clients, who expect the highest quality of services, flexibility and efficiency in action, combined with long-term relationships built on trust and professionalism.

We believe that success is built on knowledge and professional experience as well as deep personal commitment to pursue and achieve objectives.

Our team

R. pr. Justyna Bokauszyn +48 668 286 326,
e-mail: j.bokauszyn@bbkpkancelaria.pl, Skype: Justyna B

R. pr. Robert Borkowski +48 506 026 188,
e-mail: r.borkowski@bbkpkancelaria.pl, Skype: rob_borkowski

R. pr. Dorota Dakowicz +48 509 823 119,
e-mail: d.silwon@bbkpkancelaria.pl, Skype: Dorota Silwon

R. pr. Piotr Kundzicz +48 780 015 86,
e-mail: p.kundzicz@bbkpkancelaria.pl


bokauszyn borkowski

Scope of services



Justyna specializes in civil and commercial law, as well as administrative law, including proceedings before administrative courts; she provides legal assistance to business entities and public finance sector entities, particularly, to local government units.


Justyna Bokauszyn

Partner / Legal Counsel
Robert Borkowski

Robert specializes in civil and commercial law, with the principal scope of national and international transportation law (the CMR Convention) of company law; he provides legal assistance to business entities, including in particular, commercial companies with foreign capital.


Robert Borkowski

Partner / Legal Counsel

Why our Office?

We are dynamic, ambitious and we always welcome new challenges.

Legal team

The Office been established by four experienced legal counsels.


We have based our strategy on a comprehensive and individual approach to each Client and complete involvement in each case at its every single stage.

Service quality

We provide the very highest levels of service, guaranteeing our Clients a flexible model of cooperation.